Kooyong Climate Change Alliance

The Kooyong Climate Change Alliance is a non-partisan group of community organisations working for meaningful action on climate change.  Member organisations include Lighter Footprints, ACF Boroondara, StopAdani Kooyong, Extinction Rebellion (XR) Eastside and the Eastern Melbourne Climate Alliance.

We have mounted campaigns for good climate policy and the election of strong climate candidates at all levels of government.  We ran a major campaign in Kooyong during the 2019 Federal election (Kooyong Votes Climate), and more recently in the 2020 Boroondara Council election (Boroondara Votes Climate), resulting in a Council with majority of  climate-friendly Councillors. The Council has now declared a climate emergency and adopted a Climate Action Plan including ambitious emissions reduction targets. Check out our continuing work for effective climate action in Boroondara here and our very active StopAdani group here.

Our major focus is now the coming Federal election. You can find details about our planning and how you can get involved here. We will need significant funding to run an effective campaign to pay for fence signs, a climate scorecard for Kooyong candidates, social media advertising etc. Please consider supporting our campaign with a donation!

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Net zero by 2050 is not enough!

Australia’s emissions reduction targets are among the worst in the world. In response to international pressure, it seems the Morrison government may adopt a net zero target of 2050 in the lead up to the COP26 meeting in November. But this is this is clearly not enough to limit global heating to 1.5o C. The current 2030 target of a 26% to 28% reduction compared to 2005 levels must be dramatically increased if Australia is to make a fair contribution to keeping the climate safe.

Our local member, the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, is a key government decision maker. His own local Council have just sent him a powerful message by declaring a climate emergency and adopting ambitious community emissions targets (60% reduction by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2035). Boroondara Council’s action is in part a response to feedback from the people of Boroondara and Kooyong, and it’s clear their views are shared across the country. It’s time Mr Frydenberg properly represented the views of his constituents by pressing his own government to adopt targets which match the ambition of Boroondara Council.

Please contact Josh Frydenberg (particularly if you live in Kooyong) and urge him to follow his own Council’s lead by significantly strengthening Australia’s emissions reduction targets, especially the 2030 target. His contact details can be found here.

Please also consider joining the wider campaign by Lighter Footprints and Friends of the Earth to lobby all MPs for a major improvement in the targets.

Help protect Australia’s clean energy future

Angus Taylor’s proposed changes to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation are unnecessary and will undermine the CEFC’s independence, profitability and low emissions remit.  They would allow him to direct the CEFC to invest in dirty gas.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation Amendment Bill is expected to come before the Senate very soon. The Greens and Labor plan to oppose the bill, so the votes of crossbench Senators Jacqui Lambie, Rex Patrick and Stirling Griff (Centre Alliance) are vital in protecting the CEFC.

You can read more about the proposed changes to the CEFC and why they should be opposed here.

We’re asking all our supporters to:


  • Call or email the crossbench Senators to implore them to protect the CEFC.

Phone numbers and a suggestion for what to say in a phone call can be found here.

Senators Lambie, Patrick and Griff will be the deciders, as the Coalition will vote for the Bill, with One Nation, the Greens and Labor voting against it.  On important issues like this one, Senators should hear from people across the country, not just people in their home State, and in at least one case welcome the input.

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