State Election

The State election is getting very close. Election day is Saturday 26 November and early voting started on Monday 14 November.

It’s a tight race in Hawthorn and Kew! Our climate scorecards clearly show the differences between the candidates in both the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council to help voters put the climate first.

For the two Assembly Districts we’ve scored candidates on six key climate policy areas and on their integrity policies. We’ve included integrity issues because of the link between failures in governance and poor climate policy. The scorecards have been updated to include all the candidates who are standing, and are based on published polices as at 11 November.

Note that only one score has changed from the previous version of the scorecards. Melissa Lowe (Hawthorn, Independent candidate) released a significantly improved integrity policy following publication of the first scorecard, and her score for ‘Strengthened Integrity Standards’ has therefore improved from ‘Good’ to ‘Very Good’.

You can find full details of the scoring rationale for Hawthorn here and for Kew here. Extracts from the candidates’ published policies used as the basis for the Hawthorn scoring can be found here and for the Kew scoring here.

The contest in the Legislative Council is also crucial to the future direction of climate policy in the State. The voting system is generally not well understood in the community, and the flow of preferences in the easiest method of voting (‘above the line’) is opaque. Our Legislative Council scorecard for the Southern Region (which includes both Hawthorn and Kew) gives clear guidance about how to vote for the climate.

The Council scorecard was developed by Vote Climate (with help from the KCCA and other climate groups), and details of the scoring rationale can be found at the Vote Climate website.

Preferential voting

Many voters don’t fully understand how the preferential voting system works, particularly in the upper house. So we included a brief overview of the system on the reverse side of the first version of the Legislative Assembly scorecards we letterboxed early in the campaign. It’s critical that people use their preferences effectively to maximise the prospects for climate candidates.

Join our campaign!

Be part of the campaign to get strong climate candidates elected in Hawthorn, Kew and the Southern Metropolitan Region. Even if you don’t have much time, every little bit helps. Fill out the volunteer form, and let us know how you can help.


We know from the Federal election that our scorecards can make a difference. We have made a big effort to get our scorecards into every letterbox in Hawthorn and Kew, and much of both electorates has been covered. But we still have some scorecards waiting to be picked up and delivered. Let’s finish the job! If you have already letterboxed, please consider doing some more. And if you aren’t already involved, please fill out the form here, and we’ll send you details of the pick up locations.

Please help spread the climate message – and get some exercise!

Early Voting & Polling Day

We have been handing out our scorecards at the three early voting centres (2 in Hawthorn and 1 in Kew) since voting commenced, and have been getting a very positive reception. Many people have volunteered, but we urgently need more help! It’s often very crowded at the centres, and voters can approach from multiple directions. That means we need several people handing out the scorecards throughout the day to ensure that every voter gets one. Please fill in this form if you have any time to help and we will contact you to finalise arrangements.

We will also need a huge effort and many people on election day, 26 November. There will 34 voting centres in the two electorates operating, and we will be staffing as many as we can throughout the day. That’s a lot of shifts! Please do at least one shift, and more if you can. You can indicate your availability and preferences by filling in this form and we will contact you to finalise arrangements.

Fence signs

Put up one of our fence signs, and help make climate the key election issue in your area. Fill in this form to order one.

Donate if you can

It’s expensive running a campaign, with costs for printing scorecards, tee shirts, fence signs, venue hire and social media advertising. Please help by donating whatever you can.