Federal election campaign

Planning for the Federal election

The next Federal election must be held by May 2022, on a date to be chosen by the government. The only legal constraint is that the election must be at least 33 days after the Prime Minister asks the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament. The KCCA is gearing up to make sure we are ready for whenever Scott Morrison decides he wants to go to the polls.

Kooyong will be a key electorate in the election. There was an 8% first preference swing against Treasurer Josh Frydenberg at the 2019 election, and he can no longer take the seat for granted. The recent ACF survey indicated that 74% of voters in Kooyong believe the government needs to be doing more to address climate change and 75% say that the parties’ climate plans will influence their vote. The Treasurer is not representing the views of his constituents on the climate! We will be working hard to make climate action the number one issue deciding how the people of Kooyong vote.

In conjunction with a number of other community groups, we are currently developing a House of Representatives candidate climate scorecard for use in any electorate. Scores for the major party candidates will be the same in all electorates, but independent candidates will be scored locally. We are also working on a Victorian climate scorecard for the Senate. The scorecard will be an important part of our campaign to inform and persuade Kooyong’s voters.

We have already produced an election fence sign (see below), and we have commenced planning our social media strategy. We will be active on the streets of Kooyong shortly, talking to people about the need to elect a Member for Kooyong who supports ambitious climate action.

How you can help

Running an effective campaign is expensive. We need money to pay for printing scorecards and fence signs and for social media advertising. If you can, please help us by donating to the campaign!

And we’d love your help working on the campaign, even if you can’t spare much time. If you’d like to be involved, please sign up to volunteer below.

Fence signs now available!

Our striking election fence signs are now available. Sign up here to be one of the first to put one up. We aim to to have them displayed all over the electorate to remind voters that there is no more important election issue than strong climate action!

Volunteer to be part of our campaign

If you would like to join the friendly Kooyong Votes Climate team, please sign up below and indicate how you’d like to help. There are many ways you can be involved, including letterboxing, having conversations in the street and distributing flyers, making phone calls, handing out climate scorecards on polling day or at pre-polling, helping with social media and publicity or putting up a fence sign. Even if you don’t have much time to spare, your contribution will be very welcome!