Federal election campaign

Planning for the Federal election

The next Federal election must be held by May 2022, but it is still possible that it could happen late in 2021. In theory, an election can be held a minimum of 33 days after the Prime Minister asks the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament. The KCCA is gearing up to make sure we are ready for whenever Scott Morrison decides he wants to go to the polls.

We are working with other community climate groups to develop a format for a House of Representatives candidate climate scorecard which can be used in any electorate. Scores for the major party candidates will be the same in all electorates, but independent candidates will be scored locally. We are also working on a Victorian climate scorecard for the Senate.

We have already settled on the design for an election fence sign (see below), and will be asking people to display them very soon.

How you can help

Running an effective campaign is expensive. We need money to pay for printing scorecards and fence signs and for social media advertising. If you can, please help us by donating to the campaign!

And we’d love your help working on the campaign, even if you can’t spare much time. If you’d like to be involved, please sign up to volunteer here.