Federal election campaign

Kooyong is a key electorate in the election, and the race to win the seat is very tight. The recent ACF survey indicated that 74% of voters in Kooyong believe the government needs to be doing more to address climate change and 75% say that the parties’ climate plans will influence their vote. The citizens of Kooyong want a federal MP who will truly represent their views in the Parliament.

Kooyong scorecard

Our Kooyong climate scorecard shows where the candidates stand on climate change. Your vote for the climate is crucial in this election!

The scorecard rates candidates on five key climate policy areas and two policies related to government integrity. We included integrity issues because of the clear link between failures in governance and failures in climate policy. Each policy has been scored as Good, Fair or Poor based on the candidates’ published policies.

We have made every effort to be objective and fair in our scoring. Summaries of each candidate’s policies were prepared, and those who declared their candidacy by mid March (all the major candidates) were given the the opportunity to review and correct them before we finalised our scoring. All responded except Josh Frydenberg (Liberal) and Scott Hardiman (UAP). Policies were scored using simple and clear criteria, and you can find the full scoring rationale here.

The Kooyong scorecard results speak for themselves!

Senate scorecard

The result in the Senate is also critical for the climate. The Vote Climate Senate scorecard clearly identifies the climate candidates in Victoria.

If you are voting above the line (for parties or grouped candidates), you are required to number at least six boxes. However, there are six Victorian Senate seats to be filled, so if you only number six boxes it is possible your vote will have no influence over who is elected to the final seat. For an effective climate vote, number at least 13 boxes!

The scorecard groups 13 candidates in three categories:

  • Those with strong climate policies – all have an emissions target of net zero by at least 2035: put them first in any order
  • Those with some positive climate policies, but with some weaknesses: put these next in any order
  • Those with few or no climate policies: put these next in any order

There is no need to number the remaining candidates unless you prefer some of them above the others.

You can find an explanation of the reasons for the groupings at the Vote Climate website.

Pre-polling and election day volunteers

We are printing the Kooyong scorecard with the Senate scorecard on the reverse side, and aim to hand it to every (in person) voter at the pre-polling location in Hawthorn and at as many voting booths as we can manage on election day. Please help us get the scorecard to every Kooyong voter at pre-polling and on election day!

Now is the time to get involved! Click and fill out the form to tell us where and when you can help hand out scorecards.

Fence signs for the climate

We still have a few of our striking election fence signs available. Sign up here to get one.

Every bit helps!

Running an effective campaign is expensive. We need money to pay for printing scorecards and fence signs and for social media advertising. If you can, please help us by donating to the campaign.

Volunteer to be part of our campaign

If you would like to join the friendly Kooyong Votes Climate team, please sign up below and indicate how you’d like to help. There are many ways you can be involved, including letterboxing, having conversations in the street and distributing flyers, making phone calls, handing out climate scorecards on polling day or at pre-polling, helping with social media and publicity or putting up a fence sign. Even if you don’t have much time to spare, your contribution will be very welcome!